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Conditions of Use

FPSPI's copyright policy allows a single coach
who has purchased the RR&R book or electronic download
to make copies for his/her team.

Copyright Protected

All FPS publications are copyright protected. The following copyright conditions relate to fair use and teachers. Under certain conditions, a copyrighted work may be used or copied for educational purposes.

Four standards determine the fair use exemption for educational purposes.

  1. Purpose and use: Copying and using selected parts from a copyrighted work for specific educational purposes qualifies for fair use, especially if the copies are made spontaneously, are used temporarily, and are not part of an anthology. (Spontaneously refers to the decision to use the material and suggest there is not time to request permission to use the work.)
  2. Nature of work: Is the work published or unpublished? For copying a few paragraphs from a copyrighted sources, fair use easily applies. When you copy an entire chapter, fair use is questionable.
  3. Proportion/extent of the materials used: Duplicating excerpts that are short in relation to the entire copyrighted work or segments that do not reflect the "essence" of the work is usually considered fair use. The more you use, the less likely the use is fair use.
  4. The effect on marketability: If there will be no reduction in sales because of copying or distribution, the fair use exemption is likely to apply. This is the most important of the four tests for fair use (Princeton University). The FPSPI Readings, Research, and Resources is a consumable item. When a teacher or coach copies an entire chapter or the entire book, FPS is deprived of a sale.

Violation of the copyright will result in a $500 fine per infraction. If you have any questions about the copyright conditions relating to fair use and teachers, please contact the international office at 800.256.1499 or mail@fpspi.org  

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